Graveface Museum After Dark

The lights go OUT and YOU become the investigator.
An interactive paranormal Experience. 

Graveface pic.jpeg

Professional Paranormal Equipment

Step inside one of the most haunted buildings in one of the most haunted cities. Into the darkness of the Graveface Museum as the lights go out and the investigation begins.  Led by Professional Paranormal Investigator Trinity Winter, you are given professional equipment to search for the unseen wandering around you.  

Do you feel that cold chill? It's only the spirits of executed serial killers and human butchers brushing through you without your consent. We believe that spirits can attach themselves to the items that they once owned in this life and Graveface Museum has the largest collection of serial killer memorabilia, collected over the past 30 years. Original clown painting from John Wayne Gacy, the watch and garments worn by Eileen Wuornos when she was arrested.

​This is the most exquisite serial killer collection to be found.

This is not your standard tour, offered just anywhere. This tour will do nothing less than put you smack dab in the middle of some of the evilest and wicked spirits to ever have lived. Looking for something out of the ordinary, we've got you.