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13 Ghosts Tours of Haunted Savannah, GA

  • There are things that go bump in the night. They visit you while you are sleeping and whisper in your ear while you dream.

  • 13 Ghosts Haunted Tour of Savannah will guide you through the most beautiful neighborhood in the city and introduce you to the spirits that exist all around us.  

  • 13 Ghosts Tour Savannah is owned and operated by enthusiasts in Paranormal Research, Occult Studies, and Savannah History. It is our pleasure to seek out the supernatural with you so please, join us as we visit history and haunts throughout Savannah.


Morning Walk Ghost & History Tour Savannah

  • Morning Walk of Savannah operates for the early bird. Owned/ operated by enthusiasts in Paranormal Research, and Savannah History.

  • We will allow the morning air to be our guide as we stroll the beautiful streets of Downtown Savannah and learn of its haunted history. No details are left out and this tour is not for the faint of heart. If you have a queasy stomach or if you truly do not wish to be frightened, All of our Tour Guides are actual Psychics and not actors playing a role.
    Our Tour Guides love sharing their knowledge and experience with the public.

  • So join us as we explore mysterious phenomenon experienced in Savannah’s oldest neighborhood.
    Stories and are collected from local residents, visitors, through local legends and meticulously compiled by our investigations and researchers.

  • We welcome believers and skeptics equally. Our guests are all certain to discover something which fascinates their interests.

  • And if you’re lucky the Ghosts of Savannah may even call out to you.

Six Feet Under Savannah Paranormal Investigation

  • This extremely unique tour is lead by an actual psychic and paranormal sensitive. Learn how to work with ghost seeking equipment and tune into your inner gifts to attract and sense the supernatural beings around you.

  • Learn about the haunts and history of prominent downtown Savannah only to realize that you are surrounded by spirits with every step.

  • Colonial Park Cemetery is the oldest cemetery still in existence in Georgia and has a sorted past. With hundreds of crypts and tombstones and evidence in abundance of the supernatural that it beholds, our psychic guide will lead you around the cemetery in search of what lies beneath.

  • Allow us to share with you more than an average tour.

  • Allow us to bring you along on an adventure that will pursue a supernatural explanation. Allow us to introduce you to the spirits of Savannah as only a psychic born and raised in the hostess city can provide.

  • Disclaimer – This tour is intended for entertainment purposes only, however, due to the nature of the tour, Ghostown Tours is not liable for any spirit or paranormal entity that may follow you home.

13 Ghosts of Christmas Haunted Tour

  • For the last 100 years, Americans have kept ghosts in their place, letting them out only in October. It’s no coincidence that the most famous Christmas story is a ghost story. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was first published in 1843, and its story about a man tormented by a series of ghosts the night before Christmas belonged to a once-rich, now mostly forgotten tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve. Dickens’ supernatural yuletide terror was no outlier since for much of the 19th century, was the holiday indisputably associated with ghosts and specters.*

  • Christmas in Savannah has always been a magical time of the year. However, for many of the less fortunate souls, the season brought tragedy and disaster.

  • Grab a hot cup of cocoa and join us as we resurrect the long lost tradition of the telling of ghost stories during the holiday season. Walkthrough Savannah with your own Paranormal Sensitive as your guide and hear stories of holidays past.

Tipsy Tales Pub Crawl

  • Tipsy Tales Pub Crawl is going to offer you the time of your life while in Savannah, Georgia. Tipsy Tales has all of the stories that only locals know and from our own "Tipsy" guide. Drunk History doesn't have anything on us, we are going to take you to many of the absolute best places in Savannah to hang out and show you what the party in Savannah is all about. 
    Party with your very own "tipsy" local guide and get a little tipsy yourself!!