Six Feet Under Savannah Paranormal Investigation

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This extremely unique tour is lead by an actual psychic and paranormal sensitive. Learn how to work with ghost seeking equipment and tune into your inner gifts to attract and sense the supernatural beings around you. Learn about the haunts and history of prominent downtown Savannah only to realize that you are surrounded by spirits with every step.

Colonial Park Cemetery is the oldest cemetery still in existence in Georgia and has a sordid past. With hundreds of crypts and tombstones and evidence in abundance of the supernatural that it beholds, our psychic guide will lead you around the cemetery in search of what lies beneath.

Allow us to share with you more than an average tour. Allow us to bring you along on an adventure that will pursue a supernatural explanation. Allow us to introduce you to the spirits of Savannah as only a psychic born and raised in the hostess city can provide.


Disclaimer – This tour is intended for entertainment purposes only, however, due to the nature of the tour, Ghostown Tours is not liable for any spirit or paranormal entity that may follow you home.